Advance Promoting Excellence in Gospel Magic and Creative Ministry – July 2014


Advance Promoting Excellence in Gospel Magic and Creative Ministry

Excerpt from December 2012 Grand Magic Magazine: 

Ideas and inspiration for those who do magic for family audiences! 

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My entrance into the world of tricks and illusions was by way of gospel magic. My faith is as strong as ever. I now make my living as a professional magician, but still do as many gospel programs as possible and feel it is a key part of my calling in life to share Godʼs love by way of my art. Beyond my personal ministry, I believe part of Godʼs hand on me in magic, is to create routines and tools that other magicians can use in their ministry.

We intend to create a post every month that encourages gospel magicians and suggests new ideas for use in their programs. If church programs are not something you do, we trust you will find the other parts of this blog post to be worthwhile.

Notes to my gospel magician friends:

1. Take a look at our Youtube channel. It is called the Gospel Magic Channel. It is early in development, but we think it is going to be a wonderful source of information and inspiration.

2. In recent months we have produced several new gospel magic tricks. One which I think may be the strongest new thing that we have come up with in years, is called “2 + 2 = 5.” The effect is that the audience makes a group decision that goes wrong. This is revealed in “prediction fashion.” The lesson is that the path on which you see the most people is not necessarily the right path. Godʼs Word shows the right path. (Donʼt follow the crowd.) The trick is printed on heavy stock with strong colors and the price is especially good. I hope you will check it out. Iʼm already using it in church programs and the response to it is always strong. (Available at

3. About ADVANCE conferences: I have made a decision that I will not do them again until there is a clear demand for them. I will continue with our vision for the conferences, and I will continue to develop the concept for the conferences, which I think is very good. However, there will be no conferences on the schedule for quite a while. There is an adage that goes like this “You can take a horse to water, but you canʼt make him drink. Yet, if you wait until he is thirsty, he will drink.” The meaning is, sometimes it is necessary to wait for thirst, before you offer water. We will be working to create a thirst for the special kind of conference that an ADVANCE event is. When the thirst is evident, we will make the event available.

God bless,

Duane Laflin


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