Christmas Routine: “What Do You Need For Christmas?”

c4fb298f-fe8e-4403-bf0b-35bc0a38ef18Originally appeared in “Christmas Magic” by Duane Laflin

This month we are excited to feature a number of routines that were originally published a a few years ago for a lecture on Christmas routines by Duane Laflin. That publication is now out of print… but we dug into our files and found those routines so we could share them with you! The props necessary for the effect will be listed at the end of this post and include links for those items in our online store.

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This is a simple effect with a very nice message.  Many slips of paper are dropped into a change bag.  Written on those slips of paper are things people say they “want” for Christmas.  Someone is selected to reach in the bag and try to take out the one thing that everyone “needs” for Christmas.  He will do this by grabbing one piece of paper and reading what is written on it.

In spite of the fact that many slips of paper were dropped into the bag and on them were written many different things… the person picks a piece of paper that says, JESUS CHRIST.


  • Set up your change bag in this fashion:  On one side load it with many slips of paper.  On each piece of paper is written the same thing.  “JESUS CHRIST”.
  • Switch the bag over to the other side.  On that side load it with many slips of paper.  On each piece of paper write something different.  Write things such as: NEW CAR, PUPPY, MONEY, ROBOT, BARBIE DOLL, WEIGHT LIFTING SET, and so on.  Leave the bag set on that side.


“Let us talk about things people want for Christmas.  Here is a bag filled with Christmas wishes.”

(Show change bag and have a child reach in and pull out a hand full of papers.  Have the child read out loud the things written on the papers.  Make sure your helper is old enough to know how to read.  Comment about the different things people want for Christmas.  You may ask the audience to state some to the things they want for Christmas).

“People want many different things for Christmas.  Even more important than the question, ‘what do you want for Christmas?’ is the question, ‘what does everyone need for Christmas?'”

(Ask your helper to put the papers back into the bag and then reach in again and take any one piece of paper.  You switch the bag over to the side where all the papers say JESUS CHRIST.  The piece of paper drawn out will say that).

“Please read what is written on the one piece of paper you have selected.  Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it is the truth that the one thing everyone needs for Christmas is Jesus Christ.  Things are fun, but they do not forgive your sin and do not last forever.  Jesus Christ is God’s great gift to the world.  If we have Him we have salvation.  Our sin is forgiven.  We have a spiritual life that will never end!”

NOTE:  A clear view force bag or other switching props could be used for this same lesson.

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