Christmas Routine: “Another Way To Say Merry Christmas”

thumb_IMG_3854_1024Originally appeared in “Christmas Magic” by Duane Laflin

This month we are excited to feature a number of routines that were originally published a a few years ago for a lecture on Christmas routines by Duane Laflin. That publication is now out of print… but we dug into our files and found those routines so we could share them with you! The props necessary for the effect will be listed at the end of this post and include links for those items in our online store.

And Guess What? We will feature another great Christmas Routine next week… So please check back often. Or sign-up for our weekly email update so you stay in the loop!


A piece of string and fourteen letters are dropped into a box or bag.  When they are removed the letters are hanging from the string and spell out, “MERRY CHRISTMAS”.


This can be done with a change bag, popcorn dye box, or even a dove pan.  Depending on the size of the prop you work with string out the letters M-E-R-R-Y C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S on a piece of bright colored yarn, ribbon, or rope.  Place it in the part of your prop that will allow it to be the final production.


Show the individual letters and a piece of rope.  To make the magic stronger you may emphasize that the letters are separate and in no special order.  Then wrap the rope around them.  Finally wrap up the bundle in a silk scarf and drop it into the change bag (or whatever you use).  Have the audience say the magic words, “Merry Christmas”.

Switch the bag or device you are using.  Have the final production bundled in a duplicate silk scarf so it looks like the same thing you placed into the bag or prop.  Have helper unwrap scarf and take one end of rope.  You hold the other end.  The two of you display the final message.


If you use a “Popcorn Dye Box” with this, which is a very economical prop, take some 3 by 5 note cards to use for the letters and also use thin ribbon.  A paper punch will make holes in the cards so they easily can be strung on the ribbon.

The individual note cards are shown and along with the ribbon slipped into the compartment of the “Popcorn Dye Box”.  Previously the message properly strung out on the ribbon was placed in the main compartment of the box.  When the box is opened the strung message comes out.

This is an easy and cheap method.  Nevertheless it is good magic and with proper presentation it plays as strong as any other method.


The presentation is quite obvious.  Simply count out the cards and show them to be in no particular order.  Do not comment on what they are supposed to spell.  Read them in random order.  Add the string or rope.  Use the prop.  Have someone help you show the final message.

This could be a nice way to conclude your program!

Here are a variety of props that can be used to switch items:


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