Christmas Routine – 8 Great Routines to Use this Christmas!


Originally published in “Seeing Truth Magazine”

This post isn’t written to share the secrets to tricks or the setup for routines. Instead the purpose is to offer ideas about effects that can easily be adapted to programs centered around the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Most of these tricks will be items that readers are likely to already own. If you don’t own the item, you can either purchase the items related to the tricks as they are described (we will place links to the related products available after each routine) — OR — consider the connection of message and effect and see if you can apply it to something else that you do already have.

#1. 20th Century Jesus Silks

GM20CJS-2The lesson of this effect is automatic for Christmas. It centers around Jesus leaving the perfection of heaven to come into this world to make a way of salvation. Over the years we have used this as the “closer” to many Christmas message presentations.

Buy 20th Century Jesus Silks Here

#2. Priority Ball (our version of the classic Strat-O-Sphere trick)

Priority-2Let the balls represent different aspects of the Christmas celebration. One is for presents, another is for parties, the third is for worshipping Jesus. This third ball is the one that keeps moving around… which represents how easy it is to get priorities out of order at this time of year.

“We say Jesus is on top, but if we aren’t careful, presents and parties take the place where He belongs”.

An Idea By The Editor: Replace each ball with plastic Christmas bulb ornaments that match the color of each ball to add a visual Christmas theme to the effect.

Buy Priority Ball Here

#3. Vanishing Candles

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 8.29.50 AMUse two of them. The first one that is “unlit” vanishes or changes into a dark color silk to represent the darkness of sin in the world.

The second one changes into a Jesus silk or a silk that represents Jesus.

“Jesus came as the light of the world (see John chapter one).”

Buy Jesus Silk Here

Unfortunately, Vanishing Candles are not available on our site at this time.

#4. Stiff Rope

stiff rope.001The gospel patter that we include with this trick directly centers on how, “since we can’t get up to God, He has come down to us”.

The basic concept is the rope represents man trying to lift himself up to God…which doesn’t work. Since man can’t elevate Himself, God humbled Himself and came to live as a man. By doing this He made a bridge…a way…for man to crossover from sin to salvation.

How did God come to live as a man? Through the virgin birth of Jesus Christ.

An Idea By the Editor: use red ribbon and wrap around the stiff rope in a spiral pattern to make it look like a peppermint stick – again, giving the prop a visual Christmas theme. Simply use some tape at each end so the ribbon can be removed.

Buy a Stiff Rope Here

#5. Lost In Sin

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 9.01.36 AMThe conclusion of this routine spells out the word C-H-R-l-S-T . Explain what CHRIST MEANS (anointed one – messiah).

Jesus is the one God specially chose to come into the world and lead us out of our sin. This is a self-working, mathematical trick but it works!

Buy the instructions for making “Lost in Sin” in our Book “Amazing Gospel Illusions You Can Make”  You can buy the Physical Book Here or the Download Version Here

#6. Right Conclusion

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 8.57.21 AMThis trick is a sleeper. Basically it is a self-working puzzle board type effect where spectators follow directions that lead them to the same place every time, a square that is labeled Jesus. Along the way they see other things like toys, food, money, etc.

Use this at Christmas time to point out that, in the midst of all the interesting and appealing things that happen during this season, the most important thing is that we are with Jesus.

Buy The Right Conclusion Here

#7. Change Bag Routine With Sad And Happy Clown Silks

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 8.59.46 AMThis is another one of our favorites for this season. Use silks to tell about a man who is looking for happiness. Two silks are dropped into a change bag. They represent games and toys. What comes out of the bag? A sad clown face! Games and toys didn’t produce happiness.

Next the sad clown silk is wrapped in a solid color silk to represent a new point of view…he is going to make a gift out of his life. Rather than trying to get happiness, he will see his life as a way to give happiness to others. Most of all he will give himself to God.

This bundle goes back into the change bag and out comes a huge happy clown face silk. He found his joy when he started living by what the Bible teaches…it really is better to give than it is to receive.

Buy Change Bags… and even Christmas Change Bags Here!

Buy Sad and Happy Clown Silks Here

An Idea By The Editor: Use the Sad and Happy Clown Coloring Frame for a unique twist.

#8. The Principle of “Bring Them Two By Two” and “All Religions The Same” applied to Christmas symbols.

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 9.01.36 AMYou will have to make this, but it isn’t hard. Make up two identical sets of cards, six cards in each set. Each set will be composed of six different symbols. You might use a Christmas Tree, Candle, Star, Gift, Bell, and Angel.

If you have one of the other tricks mentioned above, you know the effect works because of a sentence that is spelled out. For this routine spell out the sentence PEACE, LOVE, JOY, TO ALL.

The presentation is to speak of Christmas being a time when we focus on the fact that God, in His great love, wants all of us to have peace and joy.

As you spell the words, use the symbols to speak of the meaning of Christmas. The Christmas Tree is evergreen for everlasting life. The Candle for Jesus the Light of the world. The Star is for the sign in the sky that showed wise people how to find Jesus. The Gift is to remind us of how Jesus is God’s great gift. The Bell is for singing and rejoicing. The Angel is an example of the worship that is appropriate.

The revelation that all the symbols match stands for HARMONY. God wants harmony between Himself and humanity.

Buy the instructions for making “Bring Them Two By Two” and “All Religions The Same” in our Book “Amazing Gospel Illusions You Can Make”  You can buy the Physical Book Here or the Download Version Here


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