Routine from Book: “Automatic Gospel Magic”

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 10.07.16 AMThe Empty Box

This post is one of the many routines from the newly added, downloadable book: “Automatic Gospel Magic”

An intriguingly simplistic utility box that can be used to “produce”, “vanish” or “change” small items such as handkerchiefs in a most effective and baffling way.

A small open top box is shown to be empty by removing both the front and back panels allowing full view of the interior of the box. The panels are returned and a large production of silk or other small items are pulled from the box. This is done by allowing for a variety of effects to be done with this one prop.

There are many lesson possibilities including:

1. EMPTY TOMB (A Vanishing Handkerchief Trick)

Place a scarf into the box as you tell about Jesus Christ dying for^our sin. Let the box represent a tomb. The scarf goes into the secret compartment. Explain what the
disciples found on resurrection morning as you lift the lids away…nothing I The tomb
was empty. The Lord Jesus Christ had risen from the dead. The scarf is secretly taken away with the lids.

2. CHANGED LIFE – (A Changing Handkerchief Trick)

Place a small clean handkerchief into the main part of the box. Do this before the
program starts. The audience will not know this handkerchief is already in the box.
Show a duplicate handkerchief, but mark it up with ink so it is dirty. Talk about the marks of sin on a life. Let the box represent the power of the gospel. Place the dirty
handkerchief into the box. Actually pushing it down into the secret compartment.
When the lids are lifted away the dirty handkerchief will be taken in the secret compartment that is attached to the lid.

The clean one will be left behind in the main part of the box. Show that the handkerchief is clean. In Christ, we really can be forgiven and our lives truly can be changed!

3. THE BODY OF CHRIST – (A Blending Trick)

Make a chain of loops out of pipe cleaners or ribbon. Place this chain down into the main part of the box. (Do this before the program. The audience will not know about this). Show individual loops (made from the same pipe cleaners or ribbons). Let each loop represent a different Christian with different gifts. One at a time, drop the loops into the box. Make sure they go down into the secret compartment. (Shape them ahead of time so this will be easy).

After dropping in a number of loops, lift the lids away (secretly taking the separate loops along with it). The chain of loops will be left behind. The message is the importance
of working together and appreciating all the different gifts and talents God has given. We are to “join” with others in
God’s work.

4. THE JOY OF KNOWING JESUS – (A Production Trick)

Put some colorful scarves, ribbon, paper, or maybe even dollar bills into the secret compartment. First, show the box empty by removing the lids. Talk about the “emptiness” of life without Jesus. Forgiveness isn’t there. The promise of heaven isn’t there. Abundant life isn’t there.

Put the lids back on and talk about the difference Jesus makes. Reach into the box and start pulling things out (actually from the secret compartment). Let these various things that you produce represent the abundance of life and
joy that comes from knowing the Lord.

Each of these routines can be accomplished with any number of switching devices the routines written were intended to be used with the effect that is now called the AVC Box (Appear, Vanish, Change) It’s available as a Laflin Magic exclusive and is a beautiful piece of equipment.


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