A Routine from our Newly Added, Downloadable Classic


Here is a routine for an inexpensive item from the book “Beautiful Gospel Magic” by Duane Lafin. It’s now available as an instant download in our store for just a few dollars!


Two silks tied together change color as they pass through the magician’s hand.


This is a dealer effect. The cost is relatively low ($5-$7). It involves double sewn silks that slip inside of one another. It would be much better (saving time and money) to buy this effect than try and make it yourself.


The Bible says in II Corinthians 5:17 that “if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature”. The message of that verse is that Jesus Christ can wonderfully change a person’s life. Here is a quick illustration of that truth by way of these two pieces of cloth that you see tied together. Notice please the colors, red and blue. Now watch…

(With a flourish pull the silks through your hand three times. On the third time grasp the ring that allows the silks to turn inside out so the color change takes place.)

What are the colors? Now they are green and yellow. Just that fast a change took place. You see a total change. The old colors are gone and new colors are in their place.

That is what the Scripture tells us about ourselves spiritually. God can and will make us, through Jesus Christ, into a brand new person. He can and will bring wonderful changes into our lives!


This effect is most effective when done quickly and as a lead-in to other things. I have often used it at the start of a program. After doing it I have gone on to say that in our program we are going to talk about the wonderful works of God in the world and in our lives. I then pick up another effect and carry on the theme of the evening.


An interesting idea with the double color changing silks that will also work well as a quick-flashy effect for opening or near the opening of a program is to combine it with the vanishing cane (or alternatively, a vanishing wand). Have a red and blue silk tied together and loaded inside the vanishing cane. After the red and blue silks of the double color changing silks have turned to green and yellow ask, “Now what about the red and blue pieces of cloth? Can we bring them back? Let’s try using this super economy size magic wand… actually it is a cane… but it still might work.

(Vanish the cane leaving the red and blue silks in your hands.)
Ladies and gentlemen, we have made the red and blue silks return and it is a fine illusion, but the changes God brings into our lives through Jesus Christ are changes that last forever!



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