Routine for You: Any Color You Say

Although this routine is perfect for a kid-show, it also works well when performed for adults. Years ago, when emceeing the annual convention of the Society Of American Magicians, on the stage of the Splash Theater in the Riviera in Las Vegas, I did this exact trick. The response was laughter and big applause. I would not hesitate to use this for any age group.


What happens

The magician shows a black scarf and a small gift bag. He lowers the scarf into the bag and claims he can cause the color of the scarf to change to whatever the audience suggests.

People shout out color 
choices. The magician claims the
black scarf changes to each color named. In doing this, he does not show the new colors. He only claims the changes are happening. The scarf remains down in the bag.

Eventually the magician announces that, after all the color changes, the scarf has changed back to its original color. He lifts the black scarf out of the back to demonstrate this.

The audience is not impressed. Finally the magician shakes the scarf.  Incredibly and visually it changes to a variety of colors.



The black scarf is actually the self- contained Color Changing Streamer that turns from black to multi-color when shaken. (A standard dealer item.)



A Color Changing Streamer and a small gift bag. 



Have the streamer ready with the black on the outside. The gift bag is just a fancy bag such as is commonly found at a dollar store.



The streamer is lowered into the bag where, in spite of claims made by the magician, nothing happens.

When it is time for the color change to really happen, the streamer is shaken to make the magical change (in the standard way the prop is used).



Show the black scarf and announce, “Ladies and gentlemen, when I do what I am about to do you will not believe your eyes. I will make this black neck scarf change color. Believe it or not, it will change to whatever color you say. To do this I place it into
this small gift bag.
 Notice there is
nothing else in the 
bag. It is
 empty.” (Show the
 empty bag.)

Put the streamer into the gift bag.

“Now that it is in the bag, if someone chooses a color, the magic will happen!” If someone shouts “red”, look down into the bag
 and say, “This is 
amazing! The neck
 scarf has turned red!”

Do not let the
audience see the neck
scarf, just claim it has changed color.

Then look at the audience and say, “Now for something even more amazing! Someone choose another color!”

Suppose someone shouts green. Once again look down into the bag and say, “Wow, it has changed again. Now it has gone from black to red to green”.

You still do not let the audience see the scarf. You only claim the astonishing color changes are occurring, but show no evidence.

“Someone select another color. You say yellow? Ok. I look into the bag and sure enough, the green scarf just became yellow!”

Finally pretend like you hear someone say, “black”.

“Unbelievable. You want me to change it back to black after all those other colors. Ok, here I go, it is back to black.”

Remove the black scarf from the bag. Wave it around in triumph as if you have just shown everyone a miracle. After a few moments, notice that people are not impressed.

Address the audience with these words. “Some of you are skeptical. You do not believe in the amazing color changing scarf illusion.”

“You have reason to be skeptical. It is a difficult illusion. Maybe I can not actually do it. However, if I could do it, it would look like this.”

Shake the streamer so it changes to a colorful scarf.

“And if I could do it, I suppose people would clap their hands and cheer. They would wildly applaud. They might go crazy!” (This is the applause cue for the trick did work after all.) “For they would know they truly have witnessed the incredible color changing scarf trick!”



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