Routine You Can Use: You are Amazing!

This trick is simple, but the way it showcases the volunteer makes it spectacular.

What Happens?

A child is brought on stage to assist the magician.  As the magician ties three circles out of three different colored ropes, he asks the child questions.  Each time the child answers, the magician says, “That is amazing!” 
Finally the magician gives the three circles of rope to the child and instructs the child to throw the rope circles into the air. When this happens, the three circles turn into one giant rope circle.  At this point the magician says, “I told you it is amazing and it happened because of my amazing helper!”
The rope circle is then placed around the child’s shoulders and the child poses for big applause.
  After applause, the magician takes the rope back and, as the child returns to his seat, there is even more applause for the amazing volunteer.


The Rainbow Rope Circle is an inexpensive prop that is super practical and easy to do.
The ends of the rope are dyed different colors so it appears, when tying two matching color ends together, that individual circles are being made.

Actually the rope is being tied into one huge circle.
 When the three “circles” are placed into the child’s hand, they are already one circle.  However, this is not revealed until the child tosses the rope into the air.

It is almost a “self-working” trick.  It only takes a few minutes to master the handling.


The Rainbow Rope Circle trick.


There are several versions of this trick on the market.  Do not waste your money on the model made with magician’s rope and non-vibrant colors.  For only a few dollars more you can get one made from knitted rope that comes in vibrant colors.  It is well worth the extra cost.


Have the rope ready to go.  One simple knot means it is prepared!


“It is time to do something that is amazing.

Emphasize the word “amazing” each time you say it.

“To do something amazing, I need the help of an amazing person.  I wonder if some a person is hear today?  Actually I see many amazing persons, but this is the one who will assist me now.

Select a volunteer and bring him or her to the stage.

“Thank you for being such an amazing person.  There are some in this audience who may not understand just how amazing you are, so we will show them. Watch this!”

Tie the first circle with red rope.

“You have just seen me make a circle.  What color is it?”

The child will say, “Red.”

When the child says, “Red,” pause, look at the child, then say, “You really are amazing.”

Tie the second circle with yellow rope.

“You have just seen me make another circle.  What color is it?”

The child will say, “Yellow.”  You say, “That is amazing.  You know your colors and you are so observant!”

Tie the third circle with the green rope.

“You have just seen me tie another circle.  What color is it?”

The child will say, “Green.”

“Now tell me, how many circles have I made?”

The child will say, “Three.”

Respond to this by saying, “Amazing.  You are observant.  You know your colors.  You can count to three.”

Then look at the audience.

“It appears to me that some in this audience still do not know just how amazing you are. We will do something about that.  Hold these circles.”

Place the circles into the hands of the child.

“When I count to three, throw them as high into the air as you can!”

Count to three.  Encourage the child to toss the circles into the air.  When this happens, the circles will seem to become one giant circle in mid-air.  Reach out and catch it.  Spread your arms wide to show it.

“I told you it was amazing.  Look at this, my assistant here made three circles turn into one huge one!

Put the circle of rope around the shoulders of the child.  Have the child strike a pose with arms outstretched.  Encourage the audience to applaud.

When the applause subsides, remove the rope from the child’s shoulders and point him or her back towards the seating area.  As you do, say, “One more time, let’s here it for this amazing young person!”

That’s all there is to it.  Try it.  The reaction of the child and audience is wonderful!


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